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LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need to Leverage in 2023

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need to Leverage in 2023
LinkedIn Marketing Trends You Need to Leverage in 2023

LinkedIn started as a professional social networking platform but has grown to become much more than that over the years. Today, LinkedIn is one of the top digital marketing platforms on the internet. It even allows you to target your ideal audience with more precision and fewer hassles.

We like to talk about LinkedIn and how every business owner or professional on LinkedIn can leverage the platform to attract more customers. The features that LinkedIn offers today allow you to connect to prospective clients outside of your network, which makes it a very powerful inbound marketing tool.

In this post, we want to unload the current trends in LinkedIn marketing, and how you can leverage them to attract more quality leads to your business.

Storytelling is Gaining Momentum

Indeed, content is still king. But your content needs to stand out to gain traction. This means that you need to make a human connection with every content piece you put out there. Storytelling is a very powerful way to achieve this. Beyond doing audience research and using a conversational tone in your content, you want to use the storytelling strategy to engage prospective clients and existing customers. It is easier to connect with your audience this way.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing allows you to connect with your target audience with a personal touch. At the heart of conversational marketing is focusing on creating an interactive/conversational buying experience for every visitor interacting with your ads or site.

As Google phases out cookies in digital marketing, marketing needs to get more creative to engage customers and generate quality leads. Conversational marketing includes using chatbots that generate automated responses to prospects interacting with your brand. This accelerates sales and customer acquisition and is a powerful strategy for improving your B2B marketing game.

Personalization of Ads

If you’re targeting a specific audience, you want to do it correctly. Thankfully, LinkedIn offers you particular features that allow you to target your audience with great precision. The LinkedIn marketing algorithm will enable you to personalize your ads, whether you want to focus on potential traffic, improve lead generation, increase brand awareness, make more sales, etc. LinkedIn enables you to deliver a more personalized experience to your target audience using personalized ads.

LinkedIn Events

Since 2020, when LinkedIn Events was introduced, it has produced phenomenal results for marketers and professionals using the feature. LinkedIn Events has proven to be a very effective B2B lead generation tool. With this feature, you can create webinars, seminars, and conferences and invite target audiences within and outside your network to attend. You can also use a LinkedIn registration form to collect emails for your mailing list.

LinkedIn Stories is Now a Thing

This is perhaps the top highlight in LinkedIn marketing in 2023. Stories have become prominent features on other platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and now it is available on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Stories is particularly important because it has helped improve traffic for businesses by 57% since its introduction. That’s a remarkable figure, meaning that people are actually viewing your updates. You can also leverage this tool to gain more audience. Create short videos, infographics, and well-designed graphics to engage with more prospects worldwide.

ALT Text in Campaign Manager

In line with the drive towards improved SEO, LinkedIn has now introduced the ALT text functionality in Campaign Manager. When using Campaign Manager, businesses can now add alternative text descriptions to images they use in their ads. This feature also allows visually impaired users to understand the images in the ads.

Video Chat on LinkedIn

Kudos to the LinkedIn team; they have made a loud statement by introducing a video chat feature. This makes recruitment easier and faster for professionals looking for talents on the platform and allows seamless communication between professionals, marketers, prospects, etc. Now, considering that you can start and end your marketing campaign on LinkedIn, you, too, can use this feature to attract more customers.

Quality Content is Still Trending

LinkedIn marketing campaign is only successful with quality content. An essential component of your LinkedIn marketing strategy is creating high-quality content. It is not just keyword optimization. You need to address the needs of your customers as they evolve. As you target the right customer, you want to ensure that the content you’re pushing out to them is spot-on white unnecessary fluff or keyword stuffing.

Do You Need Help to Improve Your Brand’s LinkedIn Marketing Success?

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