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LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Help You Grow Your Business

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Help You Grow Your Business
LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Help You Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is a great place for networking and building your brand. The social media platform also features built-in tools and resources to help you connect with renowned professionals, market your product or services to a target audience, and take advantage of a free opportunity to become a thought leader in your niche or industry.

One significant benefit that LinkedIn offers businesses is its marketing features. From sharing engaging content for awareness among customers to participating in industry discussions so you can engage with prospective clients and partners, and connecting with more people to grow your email marketing list, LinkedIn offers you more than you know.

In this post, we’ll share some key LinkedIn marketing tips to help you better use the platform for your business growth. So if you’re a business owner looking to boost your marketing efforts and connect with more customers, let’s dive in!

Post High-quality Content

Posting high-quality content boosts your marketing efforts in two ways. First, it allows you to provide smart solutions to people, and they can access them for free. Second, posting high-quality content lets you promote and establish yourself or your brand as a thought leader in your niche. It is the easiest way to start marketing conversations, and then you can build relationships from there.

Advertise to a Highly-targeted Audience

LinkedIn comes with different features that help you achieve one important goal — building and growing business relationships. LinkedIn does not stop at just being a social media platform. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to zero in on a specific target audience.

For example, you can leverage the LinkedIn highly precise targeting feature to advertise to top-level executives who might be interested in investing in a calendar tool to manage their schedules. This way, you can cut out wasted impressions generated from viewers who are not even interested in buying and focus on an audience who are most likely to use your product.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

When you join LinkedIn, you get a free opportunity to connect with professionals within and outside your field. But you can even narrow that down to a specific industry if you like. You can build your email marketing list by actively reaching out, connecting, and engaging with these people. So you should be deliberate about connecting to people who will benefit from your offering.

LinkedIn allows you to use the InMail feature to message or email people who are not yet connected to you on the platform. As you do this, be sure to tell them what they’ll benefit from subscribing to your emails. People are more likely to want to learn more about things that interest them or will benefit them in one way or another.

Join Groups that are Relevant to Your Target Demographic

Small business owners can take advantage of LinkedIn groups to listen in on what their target audience is talking about. Joining LinkedIn groups lets you hear what potential customers say and lets you participate by offering solutions. You want to be specific about joining groups that are relevant to your target demographic as well — and stay active on there. In fact, you also create your own LinkedIn group!

Creating your own LinkedIn group allows you to invite people to join directly. This allows you to connect with more ready-to-buy prospects on LinkedIn. Another advantage of creating your own LinkedIn group or joining other groups on the platform is being able to acquire more sign-ups to your email list.

Create and Keep Updating Your Company Page

Your LinkedIn company page is another strong marketing point for your brand or business. Your LinkedIn company page has to be attractive at all times. Most people buying from you will likely visit your page, and they may proceed to your website. If your LinkedIn page isn’t catchy enough, it may discourage prospects from reaching out or clicking on your website URL.

For example, an incomplete summary section, poor images, missing contact information, or poor business description may put off potential customers or investors. Creating a LinkedIn page for your business isn’t actually enough because you need to constantly update the page, so people will know that it is active.

Be “Discoverable” on LinkedIn

This LinkedIn marketing hack is equivalent to inbound marketing. You don’t want to be a hard-sell sales rep disturbing people on the platform. People will most likely gravitate toward you if you make your brand discoverable on LinkedIn. It will, of course, depend on the “quality and number” of your network.

You don’t want to post only once in a blue moon and expect any serious engagement with potential customers or build a tangible business relationship when your presence on the platform is almost non-existent. If you want to boost your marketing results from LinkedIn, your active presence and engagement with others on the platform will go a long way.

Post Sponsored Updates

When people see advertising, they know that you are selling. While that is not bad — in fact, you should use paid ads on LinkedIn -— people are more likely to engage with a sponsored post that shares a solution rather than another selling something to them. It’s a psychological appeal that works effectively.

LinkedIn offers you a pay-per-click or pay-per-1,000 impression feature that allows you to target specific demographics (including location, gender, and age). You can customize your post with other targeting specifics, such as job title, company name, position, job function, and groups. You can also use sponsored updates to promote your thought-leadership content to a targeted audience.

Do You Need Help to Ensure Your Brand Makes the Most Out of its Presence on LinkedIn?

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