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22 Most Important LinkedIn Stats that You Need to Know in 2023

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Most people who use LinkedIn today are either thought leaders providing insightful tips and strategies to their community members or business owners and brands looking for more conversions. LinkedIn is a choice platform for these professionals because it is a place to connect with experienced professionals and gather practical knowledge on how to address many workplace and business issues.

With more than 850 registered users and 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is not only a platform to connect with professionals but also a place where your business should be, especially if you are a B2B company. Not convinced yet? In this post, we’ve gathered 22 of the most important LinkedIn stats in 2023. Some of these will give you reasons why your business should be on LinkedIn.

Okay, here we go!

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

1. LinkedIn Has 33 Offices Worldwide with a Presence in More Than 200 Countries

LinkedIn user statistics show that there are currently about 810 million members and 310 million monthly active users from more than 200 countries across the globe. The United States alone has over 180 million members; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have over 206 million users. The company operates 33 offices, 9 of which are in the U.S.

2. LinkedIn Gets the Most User Traffic from the U.S.

LinkedIn gets the most traffic from the U.S (about 31.28%). The United Kingdom follows with 5.99% and India at 7.08%.

3. More than 90 million Users are C-Level Professionals

Over 90 million of the registered members on LinkedIn are senior-level influencers, with 63 million of them in decision-making positions.

4. LinkedIn Has More than 58 Million Companies

There are currently over 59 million businesses on LinkedIn. Making it the best place to search for new opportunities, learn emerging trends, hire new professionals, and acquire new customers. Many B2B companies find the platform very useful for marketing.

5. 40% of Surveyed B2B Indicated that LinkedIn is The Most Effective Channel for Driving High-Quality Leads

Linked is a great place for organic and paid marketing, with the probability of reaching a highly targeted audience if done right. B2B marketers use demographic data, such as job title, company, industry, and seniority, to target the right people.

6. 75% of B2B Content Marketers Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is currently the top organic social network for B2B marketers but is also the top paid social network. Facebook is following at 69%, while Twitter comes in next at 30%.

7. 63 Million Unique Mobile Visitors Check LinkedIn Every Month

LinkedIn is a platform that can accelerate your career. With an attractive profile, most users attract opportunities and customers. The platform connects each new user with at least 400 other users from the network of each new connection. With 63 million unique mobile visitors each month, LinkedIn offers a fine marketing opportunity for different brands.

LinkedIn Demographics Statistics

8. 28% of Adults in the U.S. Use LinkedIn

According to findings from Pew Research in 2021, 28% of adults in the U.S. use LinkedIn. However, folks with higher levels of education are more likely than those with lower levels of education to be on LinkedIn. According to the survey, roughly half of adults who have a bachelor’s or advanced degree (51%) use LinkedIn. Those with college experience constitute 28%, and those with a high school diploma or less make up about 10%.

9. 49% of LinkedIn Users Earn $75,000 Annually

Apart from being highly educated, demographic research on LinkedIn users reveals that close to half of the network’s users are high-income earners. 49% of LinkedIn users earn over $75,000. Another 26% of users earn between $50,000 and $74,999 per year.

10. 55% of Decision-Makers Judge Companies by their LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn is the best platform for people seeking to learn more about a topic, and you can follow companies or brands that publish insightful and engaging content. Interestingly, LinkedIn has revealed that 55% of decision-makers use the LinkedIn content of companies to decide which company to work with.

11. 50% of U.S. LinkedIn Marketers Use LinkedIn

More marketers are increasingly using LinkedIn as a valuable marketing channel. The use of LinkedIn ads continues to grow even as B2B marketers deploy new strategies, such as automation tools to handle their lead prospecting and generation on LinkedIn. The share of US marketers using LinkedIn increases slowly each year, blipping over the 50% level in 2021.

12. Users Spend an Average of 7 Minutes on LinkedIn per Visit

Based on data collected between September and November 2021, SimilarWeb revealed that the average LinkedIn user spends 7 minutes and 12 seconds on the platform, visiting 6.40 pages per visit.

LinkedIn Marketing Statistics

13. Most B2B Marketers Use LinkedIn for Content Marketing

Research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as part of their content marketing efforts, more than other social sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

14. LinkedIn is a Business-Oriented Social Site

87% of Inc 500 companies use LinkedIn to tell their stories, hire talents, and network with other companies and professionals, making it the one platform for Inc. 500 companies, according to research by the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

15. LinkedIn is the Number One Platform for Professionals

With 58 million companies, 10 million C-level executives, 46 million B2B decision-makers, 17 million opinion leaders, 6 million IT decision-makers, and 310 total monthly users, LinkedIn is the top choice for professionals looking to connect, stay informed, and advance their careers.

16. LinkedIn Ads Produce the Best Results, Followed by Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

79% of content marketers say that they get the best results from LinkedIn ads, compared to other social sites. Facebook is at 54%, YouTube at 36%, and Instagram at 33%.

17. LinkedIn Audience Get 2X Buying Power

With 4 out of 5 members on the LinkedIn platform are in charge of buying decisions, LinkedIn offers quality leads with users having 2X buying power.

18. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is Optimized for Higher Lead Generation

LinkedIn sales navigator is an in-built marketing tool that helps marketers target the right buyers, using key insights to personalize their outreach. Marketers get a +7% higher win rate when closing deals.

19. More Marketers are Using LinkedIn Automation to Generate Quality Leads

Many marketers now use LinkedIn automation tools, as they are very effective and cost-friendly alternatives for targeting the right audience and bringing in quality leads.

General LinkedIn Statistics

20. LinkedIn is Available in 25 Languages

This means that you can reach a broader, global audience with your content in their native language.

21. Companies that Post Weekly on LinkedIn Record 2x Higher Engagement Rate

If you’re hoping to attract more customers to your brand, you can’t let your LinkedIn Company Page sit there idle. Posting at least once a week can give you massive results. Based on research, Mondays and Wednesdays are the best days to post on LinkedIn for B2C and B2B companies. For B2C companies, noon is best, while those in B2B can post at 8 am and 12 noon or 6 pm for best engagement.

22. 95% of Recruiters are Looking for Talents on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is an excellent recruitment tool. There are 58,000 companies on the platform, more than 3 million jobs are posted monthly, and over 50,000 skills that job seekers showcase.

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